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The sun is setting on the day of the dandy. In a market saturated with snug suiting adorned with umpteen paisley pocket squares, a rebellion has been brewing. All hail the welcome return of the minimalist. In recent seasons we’ve seen menswear relaxing somewhat. Out with the buttoned-up fare of old and in with simple, sharp construction and pared-back design features. But not all minimalists are cut from the same cloth. There’s more than one way to skin a sheep and turn it into a frills-free shearling jacket after all. No matter your budget or your taste, there’s a bells and whistles vacuum for you. And each can be given a twist of personality, worn right. A standout piece from autumn’s Jil Sander collection is the maroon two-button button suit in wool-mohair. Proof that you can ditch embellishment but still make a statement, its slim lapel and narrow silhouette will work just as well with a skinny black tie and white shirt as it will with a black roll neck or tee.


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