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Ah, winter. That style-forsaken time of year when aesthetic considerations are sacrificed on the altar of more practical concerns like staying dry, not dying of hypothermia, etc. The season when unpredictable conditions make a mockery of even the best laid-out-the-night-before outfit plans, leaving you simultaneously freezing and a bona fide hot mess. Chill. Like Brentian management consultants, where you see issues, we see solutions. Winter is not a problem, it’s an opportunity. Think of it as nature’s way of getting you to dress better – not least by encouraging you to put on more clothes. That said, it’s not just a matter of piling on more of the same garms you wear year-round (although admittedly sometimes it is – see ‘layering’). Thankfully, some style moves have a dual purpose, promising both practical and aesthetic benefits. Follow these five steps to winterise your wardrobe and you’ll beat the cold while looking hot.


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